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Joshua Home was founded to create permanent Gender-Inclusive 
housing solutions and opportunities, supportive services and programs for Homeless LGBTQ+ Youth in the Inland Empire of Southern CA.

JH Safe Haven is at the forefront of residential care for LGBT+ Youth. Creating permanent gender inclusive housing solutions and opportunities, supportive services and programs for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning and more youth who are unaccompanied and homeless, in mainstream foster or group homes, or in the foster care or juvenile justice systems in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. 

homeless black teenSome of these youth have literally been  thrown out onto the streets by their families, shunned by their faiths, and more than likely abused in some way because of who they are. 

You may see them sleeping in the streets, staying at friends' houses (Sofa Surfing), hooking up with strangers (trading sex for food, a place to stay, etc.) or medicating (drugs/alcohol) themselves in order to deal with life... hopeless and alone.
 At Joshua Home, we are committed to providing an atmosphere of acceptance, empowerment, safety, stability, inspiration and excellence in a loving home environment. 

teen girl on steps alone

"The evidence of LGBT+ youth homelessness can be seen in almost every neighborhood in America. I call it, 'The Silent Epidemic', because many people are unwilling to acknowledge that it is a fact and that it is happening in their own community. Those who do acknowledge it, rarely talk about it. We are not only speaking up for these children and young people, we are doing something to end LGBT+ youth homelessness by educating and encouraging others to join us in providing quality, permanent homes for these youth. " -Annette Patterson, LES  Founder/CEO


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