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Don't Let Your Journey Steal Your Joy!

Have you ever known something was the right thing, but everything around you seemed to scream, "It can't be done!"?

Well I have, and this is one of those times and one of those things. I am in no way complaining, just sharing. The powers that be have put up almost every road block possible to keep Joshua Home from becoming a reality. It's as if there are forces behind the people that want this group of youth to continue to fall through the cracks with no way out. It seems the system wants to keep them from becoming healthy, happy, contributing members of society.

With that said; I will not give up on these helpless children!

I will attend every meeting, get the necessary training, fill out the books of paperwork, sit before the committees, jump through the hoops and raise the capital needed to make Joshua Home: An LGBTQ Safe Haven not only a reality but a growing success!

I need you to join with me as a champion for these worthy and wonderful young people by helping to raise the $75,000 it will cost to open the first home. This amount will cover all the fees associated with the non-profit federal declaration, state licensing, county licensing, city licensing and permit fees, insurance, training, certification, staffing, three months of lease payments, utilities, furnishings, appliances, supplies, a van and more.

Give from your heart today and I will personally invite you to come see what your generous gift has done in the lives of the LGBTQ Youth needing a permanent home in San Bernardino and surrounding counties.

Thank You for not giving up on the many LGBTQ Homeless Youth who believe no one cares!

*Back to the title, never let people or circumstances stop you from fulfilling your purpose in your life. You have been equipped to do something extraordinary and even though it may seem small to you, it will impact the lives of many people for years to come.

Your journey may sometimes seem dark, hard or impossible, but if you keep your goal in mind and visualize your end result, your joy will remain full. This joy activates your faith in your God-given ability as well as in your dream.

A dream fueled by passion, joy and faith will surely become a reality.

See you soon,


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