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Holiday Cheer

As this year quickly comes to an end, most people begin to reflect on the months past, the opportunities lost, the moments missed and the goals unfulfilled.

For some, those thoughts are nowhere near their minds. They are thinking about the weather changes, what organization is giving out food today, if they can find a place to sleep just for tonight and whether they will be safe.

Unfortunately, a large number of these thoughts are in the minds of homeless Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning Children. I've heard horror stories about children as young as eight years old being thrown out of their homes because they "came out" to their families. These are the people who held them when they were babies, tended to them when they were sick, played with them during those special times and loved them...unconditionally. Until the child said, 'I'm Gay." Then most often embarrassment causes abuse and ridicule to spiral out of control. Unless the child takes back the statement, they are removed from their home.

These are the children Joshua Home: An LGBTQ Safe Haven was created to rescue. Yes, rescue from unforgiving homes, unsafe shelters, unfriendly streets and from the uncaring foster care system. We are forging the charge to End LGBTQ Youth Homelessness in America, starting here in the Inland Empire of Southern California. We know they are out there waiting for someone to tell them, "You are special, accepted and loved", we need you to help us get that message of hope to them.

I've always been a loner, doing things by myself so that the only opposition I would encounter would be from me. Well, you know that didn't work, there were still opposing forces that came at me. I tell you that because, when I was given the awesome directive to serve these children, I knew right away that I would not be able to do it alone. I would need people working arm in arm with me to get this done. Because, it is not a "My" mission but an "Our" obligation.

This Holiday Season please set aside some monetary cheer for JH Safe Haven. We need about $75,000 in order to secure the Tax Exempt declaration, licensing, permits, house, insurance and bonding, furnishings, supplies, transportation and of course the three months of operating expenses (includes staff salaries) that have to be in the bank when the applications are reviewed. If you can't do a monetary gift, we are having a Silent Auction during our Introduction Event (I would love to meet you there) and In-Kind gifts ($50 value or more) are needed as well.

Joshua Home: An LGBTQ Safe Haven is a California Non-Profit Corporation (number pending) and your gift will be deductible.

Contact us with any questions or for more information at 1-877-726-4274 option 2, or email me at today.

Have a safe and happy Holiday Season full of laughter and love.


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