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I'm Grateful to be Here!

As the proud mother of two of the most awesome young men I know, who are openly gay; my heart breaks for the young men and women whose families have ostracized them and it aches for the families who will miss out on the opportunities to see these young people change the world!

It's sad to know that in our homes loving, caring, protecting parents/guardians will turn their backs on their own children for being who they are. Usually rooted in some religious belief system, these adults are so far removed from the unconditional love of God, that they treat the gifts He gave them worse than strangers.

As a minister, I fully understand why they think, feel and believe the way they do, however, I do not understand the actions they take. In most cases, if the child is allowed to stay, it is with much emotional, mental and sometimes physical abuse. Beating them over the head with the Bible and their beliefs. Never sharing the love, forgiveness and grace of God, they themselves rely on.

God gave me a Divine Directive. He said, "I am losing an entire generation of My Children because of the unfounded beliefs of their families. They are staying away from Me, because to them, these people represent Me. Your job is to gather My LGBTQ Children and bring them home. Don't preach to them, praise them; don't lecture them, love them; don't shun them, shelter them; don't discard them, develop them into the men and women they were created to be."

I am grateful to have been given this awesome opportunity! Thank You Lord, and thanks to all of you who will help me carry out this Divine Directive and bring these children home.


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