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We Stand As A Symbol Of Power...Together

I am excited about the opening of the first JH Safe Haven early 2014!

Our fundraising campaign is off and running. Because it's my first time heading a fundraiser of this magnitude I am using Google for almost every step lol. Learning from those who only needed money for a specific cause to those who raise funds year round. I'll be an expert soon.

Mixed with my excitement is sadness. I'm sad because there are kids outside right now, somebody was kicked out of there home this week because they were honest about who they are. Sad because so many of these kids feel as if nobody cares, they feel worthless, dirty and bad. They need help...

There is hope! There are organizations and people all over this nation rallying together to make a change for these young people.

I am proud along with our Board of Directors to be among this group of Champions. Joshua Home: An LGBTQ Safe Haven will stand as a symbol of the power we have when we join together for good. Our future will be brighter because the youth at JH Safe Haven will be confident, proud, educated and productive adults, contributing positively to our society.

There are so many things I want to talk about (soapbox moment), so many issues, but I will hold back till next time. You will see more of me here as we get closer to our Launch Event (yes we are planning that already). I do want to ask you to find a place you feel you can help and do that. Spreading the word about Joshua Home, about the fundraiser, about what we are doing is huge! The more people who hear and know about JH Safe Haven, the more help we will get; and the more help we get the sooner we can open that door. So tell everyone!

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We are officially a tax-exempt nonprofit organization under the IRS code 501(c)(3), and the awesome thing about our declaration is that it is retroactive as of November 2013 when we were incorporated!

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