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GLAMAZON Inland Empire/Riverside

We are thankful to Glamazon over at Amazon here in the IE for choosing Joshua Home an LGBTQ Safe Haven. Your generous gift has made a huge difference in our work for homeless youth in our community.

Thank you, Team Joshua Home

Amazon In The Community

Amazon cares about its employees and its employees care about the community. Thank you for choosing to do a Clothing Drive and give a gift to Joshua home. 

Y’all are awesome!

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Thank You for your generous and ongoing support!

Partners, Supporters, Contributors, Benefactors and Sponsors are the life-blood of any nonprofit, community service organization. Your one-time or scheduled gifts of time, services, items and money are needed and greatly appreciated.

Special Thanks to these businesses and individuals for their gifts.



You Are Our Heroes

Keith H. Dager

Starlight Productions, Inc.

Charles McGuire

Margi Simoni-Leibovitch

Niqui Douglas

Brittany Bryant

Janet McGee

Melanie Slocum


Katie Whitehead

Richard Daily

Barbara Murray

Nicolas Daily

Jewel Patterson

Chris Daily

James Elrod

Mark D. Blundell and Scott Larned

Niqui Douglas

Sydni Higbee

Denise Davis

Denise Spenser

Norma Dalke

Catherine Rist

Carolyn Calderwood

Russell Walker

Egyptian Fog

*Some Sponsors, Partners and Contributors prefer to give anonymously, we appreciate you and respect your privacy.

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